With Fast and Reliable Data Bluleaf enables users to use


Provides analytics which reveals insights on pest data collected

interactive dashboards

Provides interactive dashboards that allow users to manage their farms

multiple visualizations

Provides visualizations from data collected which informs on better decision making

Bluleaf Features

Mobile and Web

The Software has both mobile and a Web based System which are at different levels of users

Audit Trail

The Software is able to keep track of activities operated on the system by different levels of users

Secure Cloud Hosting

It has a secure cloud hosting, hosted by Amazon Services

Data Analytics

Data collected is interpreted through rich visualizations which are able to inform on decision making

Time Tracker

Provides a Timestamp feature, which records the time of access different levels of users accessed the system

Work Offline Sync Later

Data can be collected offline while on the farm which can later be synced online

Bluleaf architecture

Flow of Data from point of collection to analysis

How it works

Collect data

The scout easily feeds data into the app via mobile phone or tablet. The scout can input data even when offline and sync the data later. The data is stored and is accessed by the managers via the Bluleaf site.

explore, Analyse and visualize

The managers will access the input data stored in a secure cloud from the Bluleaf site for further exploration and analysis. The data will then be displayed as visualisations and grouped into interactive dashboards that allow for online exploration and sharing.

Derive insights

Bluleaf supports data visualization and analysis from which decion makers derive insights to be used in their decision making and resource allocation to reduce costs and maximize profits.